In the beginning there was a bang. Now its needs something to help its creation.

Welcome to the Fanon World Wiki

Fanon World Wiki is about creating your own world, galaxy, universe, or even dimension, whatever it may be. You can create your own race for that planet, how advanced they are, their beliefs or religion, and how they live. You can create anything you want relating with planets, you can even create Fan Fictions for your planets.

The Wiki

Every week new pages will be recommened to look at. And photo's. To request something ask an admin. This wiki is practically dead, so anyone who wants to become an admin on it, just tell me(SuperSaiyanKrillin) and I'll make you one.

IamAwesomelyCool!(Admin, and Bueracrat)

Fanon World News

  • September 15, 2011 Kid Janemba created Fanon World Wiki
  • September 15, 2011BlazeFireXXXX created the first page.(Not counting the Home page.)

Resent Activity

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